Ryan is offering trumpet lessons through Skype.

If you are interested in lessons or even one lesson please send an email to ryan@chapmantrumpet.com or leave a reply below to arrange a time. You will need a Skype account and be able to pay through PayPal.

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  1. Avatar Robert Groves
    Robert Groves says:

    I would highly recommend taking lessons from Ryan Chapman. I just had my first lesson with him via Skype, and I already have gotten a wealth of information that I can use to help me become a better all around player. He teaches what you want to learn and then helps you with practical exercises that you can use, not only in practice but in the context of whatever music it is you are playing. Thank you, and keep up the good work Ryan!!!


    Robert Groves
    Lead Trumpet
    United States Air Force; ANG Band of the South

  2. Yo Ryan, some great playing by you! I’m a pro freelancer up here in NYC mainly jazz and lead stuff. I like the pieces with a nice, wide rim..am currently using a dupe of a Charlie Shavers jet-tone for a lot of stuff…also the ‘Cink Candolis. I wondered if you could tell me more about your new Warburton piece.. I have a lot of experience with the Warburtons.. What’s the diameter, cup depth, and the rim width? I am finding the wider I go with the rim, the better results I tend to get.. maybe because I have very thin lips.. I tend to stay in the .610-.590 range diameter-wise. Ok man, have a good one and hope our paths cross sometime! All the very best, Lex