Ryan Chapman is a Signature Artist for Warburton Musical Products and exclusively  plays Warburton mouthpieces. Ryan’s main commercial setup is the Ryan Chapman signature mouthpiece top with a 30 throat and a NY backbore with a 30 throat for most commercial lead trumpet work. This is a piece with a wide mostly flat rim with a bit of a bite on the inside edge where it drops almost straight down into the cup. This gives it better articulation and accuracy than most commercial lead pieces on the market. 


For piccolo trumpet Ryan plays a version 5 of the RC with a deeper cup, 28 throat, and using a S10 backbore with a 28 throat on a Schilke P5-4B/G.


On Flugelhorn, Ryan is using a custom RC flugel piece with a 20 throat on an Adams F1 with a red brass bell with nickel flare.

New Doc-oflouge Zinger Mute from Trumcor. 

Dr. Chapman records using a Royer R-121 ribbon microphone.

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